A music system to play your cloud-based play lists

SVA IxD project The Cube

Image of Cube

The way we store our music is changing. We use less and less storage devices and store our media (music and images) in the cloud. We can access our personal media from any computer/device. We purchase our music online or create play lists at Pandora, Spotify and iTunes. Thus we often don’t own our music, but listen to free music or pay a subscription fee.

Conceived by Li’l Robin’s founder Anke Stohlmann and Richard Clarkson, the cube is a media system consisting of a speaker and a “remote”. The media system accesses a user’s cloud-based play lists and connects them to the user’s speakers. The small cube (remote) is used to pick a play list. Each cube side correlates to a user’s play lists (or different users’ play lists) that the user(s) have set via their phone or computer. The cube’s sides can be linked to any cloud-based music server like iTunes, Pandora, or Spotify.

Image of Cube

Image of Cube


Information Flow

Diagram of interaction

User research and prototypes

We learned through user research and design explorations (story boarding, paper/foam prototyping, video, role play) into how people are using their music devices, storing and accessing their music, there is an opportunity for a device that let’s you access your cloud-based music. We explored different shapes, materials and iconography to create a product that takes advantage of our “new” way of listening/accessing music in a playful manner.

Prototype images


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